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SR Windows & Glass commercial glass doors can be used for both exterior entrances (glass entry doors) and interior doors (office doors, conference room doors, security doors). For this reason, they come in different types, shapes and sizes. The most common types of glass doors include frameless glass doors, sliding glass doors, wood glass doors, aluminum glass doors, framed glass doors and folding glass doors. Below are the types of glass and considerations for choosing commercial glass doors.

Types of Glass

Commercial Glass Entry Door Replacement
Commercial Glass Entry Doors

Tempered or toughened glass — This is the most common due to its strength. In fact, Building Codes in areas where there is a high chance of a collision, such as people running into glass interior doors, often require commercial building owners to use this type of glass. Moreover, any glass within 24 inches of a door much be tempered. It is important to note that tempered glass cannot be cut on site, meaning it is made-to-measure at the factory. On the security front, this type of glass can be easily broken with a sharp tool, such as an automatic center punch. If broken, however, it is unlikely to cause injury. It is mostly used for glass conference room doors.

Bullet Proof glass – this is more rare but also an option for both interior and exterior doors where security is most important.

Laminated glass – Consisting of two pieces of float glass with an interlayer of Ethylene and Vinyl Acetate copolymer (EVA) or polyvinyl butyral (PVB), this is the ideal glass for glass exterior doors because it is harder to break than tempered glass.

Hinge Options

The most common hinge options include butt hinges, offset pivots, center hung and continuous hinges. Center hung doors generally have a concealed overhead closure and they pivot on the center axis of the door, whereas the other three hinge options use a pivot point attached to the doorframe. Continuous hinges, on the other hand, run the complete height of the door, whereas butt hinges are very similar to what you would find on the interior doors of a typical building. When it comes to commercial glass doors, offset pivot hinge offers the most inexpensive and basic option. The other type of closer would be a surface-mounted closer where it mounts directly to either the surface of the door or the face of the frame instead of being concealed.

Glass Door Frames

When it comes to glass office doors, aluminum frames are arguably the best option because aluminum is a strong, versatile and durable material. Because of these properties, aluminum frame profiles can be slim, allowing in more light. Additionally, it is available in a huge selection of plain or metallic colors, as well as natural wood grains for people who like the traditional look. Aluminum is resistant to temperate-related expansion and contraction issues, meaning it does not warp or deform due to temperature variations. Overall, aluminum is a low-maintenance material that delivers exceptional high levels of security and aesthetic beauty.

Glass Door Handles and Locking Mechanisms

Door handle options range from standard handles to indent handles, whereas locking mechanisms range from wheel locks to latch mechanism key cylinders and thumbturn for sliders.

Professional Glass Door Installation and Replacement

Professional installation is essential. Some of the key considerations when choosing a glass door installation and repair company include accreditation, guarantee and expertise.

Contact A Commercial Glazier

Commercial glass doors are made of different types of security glasses including tempered glass, laminated glass and even bulletproof glass. This means that, when choosing a glass door, you should consider the type of glass. Other key considerations include doors handles, locking mechanism, frame options and hinge options. More importantly, you should hire a certified glass door installation company to install all your glass office doors.

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