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Why Choose SR Windows & Glass

With so many mobile Phoenix windshield replacement & auto glass repair services, why should you choose SR Windows & Glass?

Well, no matter where you are in the Valley of the Sun, we offer same-day or next-day service. Need auto glass replacement on the weekend? We’ve got you covered there, too.

And there’s more. Here are five more key benefits of windshield replacement or repairs with SR Windows & Glass:

  • Free mobile service throughout Phoenix
  • Lowest cash price guarantee
  • All insurance providers accepted
  • $300 cash value for lifetime chip repairs with windshield replacement
  • Lifetime warranty with all replacements for your peace of mind

Mobile Windshield Chip Repairs

If the damage to your car is so severe you need a complete windshield replacement, don’t despair.

Not only is our windshield replacement extremely affordable, but SR Windows and Glass also make the process even easier with our special offer. If you live in the Phoenix area and have your windshield replaced with us, we’ll throw in free chip repairs for the life of your vehicle.

The only restriction to this offer is that you must live in the Phoenix area to qualify.

Take advantage of this deal rather than opting for car window repair when you need a complete replacement windshield.

We value ongoing relationships with our customers, which is our way of giving back something.

Free Windshield & Auto Glass Replacement Quote

If you’ve been in an accident or your windshield has been damaged, it’s understandable you might be concerned about the cost of repairs or replacement.

Call us here at SR Windows & Glass, and we’ll provide an instant quote over the phone with no obligation. We’re confident once you hear the price, you’ll be making an appointment for a visit from our mobile service.

All you need is some simple information:

  • • Year, make, and model of car
  • • VIN
  • • License plate number

Give us a call—you might be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive windshield chip repair is, and how reasonable the price is for a full windshield replacement.

Zero Deductible Windshield Replacement With Insurance

Here at SR Windows & Glass, we’re approved by all major insurance providers throughout Arizona. If you have auto glass coverage on your insurance policy in the State of Arizona, you may qualify for a zero deductible windshield replacement.

Whether you need windshield repair or a full replacement, we’ll make things easy for you. Not only do we take care of your windshield repair, but we take care of all paperwork, too. All you need to do is give us the details of your insurance policy, and we’ll do the rest.

Perhaps you’re concerned about paying out-of-pocket when you get your windshield replaced? With zero-deductible windshield replacement, you won’t need to. We fully understand that damage to auto glass is completely unexpected—so, as long as you’re insured, you won’t need to pay at the time of installation.

Get The Lowest Cash Price Guaranteed

Not all insurance policies offer auto glass coverage…so if you’re paying with cash, you can’t lose with SR Windows & Glass. We’re proud to offer the lowest cash price guarantee—we’ll beat any competitor price! Simply show us the quote you received from another auto glass company—and we’ll beat it!

We don’t do this in an attempt to win business—we do this to offer you, the consumer, the best price possible. As more and more auto glass repair services offer this type of price guarantee, it makes it harder for less scrupulous companies to charge exorbitant fees.

We fully understand the unexpected nature of auto glass damage—and that the situation can be made even worse if your insurance doesn’t cover it. Give us a call—you can be confident that you’ve gotten the best possible deal from SR Windows & Glass.

Family Owned and Operated Auto Glass Company

If you’re looking for an auto glass company that’s small enough to care but big enough to get any job done quickly and to the highest standard, look no further.

For over a decade, SR Windows & Glass has been family-owned and operated. We live, work, and hire employees right here in Phoenix…and we believe in keeping our business local.

We’ve formed relationships over the years with hundreds of satisfied customers who keep coming back for our award-winning service and quality auto glass products.

This desire for developing ongoing relationships with our customers is why we guarantee to beat prices and include free chip repair service with any windshield replacement.

And speaking of chip repair—if you’re wondering about how we can salvage your windshield with repairs rather than a full replacement, read on for a quick overview on exactly how we achieve that…

Windshield Chip Repair Services

Often, it’s possible to repair minor damage to your windshield—and this is just one more reason to choose SR Windows & Glass. Our promise to you: We’ll never try to convince you of the need for windshield replacement when repairs are viable and more economical.

We use a proprietary vacuum-sealing process with robust resins to make sure repairs are safe, reliable, and effective.

To determine if a windshield can be repaired, we follow the ROLAGS standards: https://rolags.com/repairable-damage/.

Our technician will advise you of your best course of action when he inspects your vehicle. You can then decide for yourself whether replacement or repair works best for you.

Our Auto Glass & Windshield Products

Naturally, are probably asking yourself what type of auto glass products we use…and we can set your mind at rest. We use only OEM-grade auto glass, which ensures we meet all manufacturer specifications for safety.

Here’s a summary of the various type of auto glass products we’re proud to provide here at SR Windows & Glass:

  • Front windshields
  • Rear windshields & back glass
  • Door window glass
  • Side quarter & vent glass

No job is too big and no job too small—whatever the nature of the glass damage on your vehicle, from full windshield replacement to minor repairs, call us today and we’ll be delighted to help out.

Our Certified Auto Glass Installers

As we mentioned, we make a point of hiring locally—and our standards are exacting.

SR Windows & Glass auto glass technicians are all certified to work on all vehicle makes and models. They have the tools, materials, and know-how to repair or replace all kinds of automotive glass. We employ experts with years of experience, so whatever the nature of the glass problem, they’ve seen it all before.

Alongside a high level of technical expertise, you can also expect a friendly and responsive experience with any member of our team. We do more than pay lip service to putting the customer first; we truly embrace this philosophy—as our thousands of satisfied customers can testify.

We Service All Vehicle Makes & Models

If you’re wondering whether or not we can service your particular vehicle—let us put your mind at ease. Even if the windshield on your classic import is shattered—as usual, here at SR Windows & Glass, we’ve got you covered…whatever you drive.

We service all types of vehicles, including:

  • Trucks
  • Vans
  • SUVs
  • Exotic sports cars
  • Classic and collector cars
  • RVs
  • Fleet vehicles and equipment

If you’re in any doubt, just pick up the phone and let us know the make and model of your vehicle. We’ll confirm if we can help you. The answer will almost certainly be a resounding, “Yes.”

Most Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

We’ll wrap up with answers to some questions you might still have…

The price of windshield replacement will depend on the year, make, and model of your vehicle. We guarantee to beat the price of any of our competitors, so you can rest assured it will be cheaper than anywhere else in Arizona, guaranteed.

We can carry out the replacement the same day or the next day. Depending on the type of vehicle, windshield replacement can take as little as one hour. Once replaced, you should wait 2-3 hours before driving your vehicle.

We are approved to deal with all major insurance companies throughout Arizona.

You need to check the details of your insurance policy to make sure of this. If you’re not certain, pass the paperwork on to us and we’ll let you know. If your insurance coverage doesn’t extend to auto glass repair, we also offer a cash service.

Insurance will only fully cover windshield replacement if it’s the more cost-effective option and essential for safety purposes. If not, you’ll be covered for repairs.

This depends on the specifics of your insurance policy.

Yes. We gladly accept cash payment.

We use manufacturer-approved laminated glass.

No. We work with almost all vehicles, including classic, foreign, and commercial.

Our skilled technician will let you know when he assesses the damage.


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