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SR Windows & Glass of Tempe is the most trusted source for professional window repair, installation of windows, glass replacements and glass door repair in the greater Tempe, AZ area. Our glaziers work with glass all day for both residential or commercial buildings, repairing windows, glass shower doors and sliding glass doors that have broken glass, failed seals or worn out components and hardware. We’ll restore the look and functionality of your windows and glass doors to the original manufacturer’s requirements.

We hire employees from the Tempe area and support local suppliers for all of our windows, glass and hardware. In addition to supporting our community, SR Windows & Glass are members of Local First AZ and understand the importance of working with local small businesses. If you would like to support local companies please consider hiring a small glass contractor like SR Windows & Glass of Tempe.

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Call one of our window repair and glass replacement experts today and receive a free price quote over the phone. We’ll discuss the issues with your windows and prescribe an affordable solution. We are a top rated Tempe glass repair contractor for a reason. As a local Tempe glass shop we rely on the good reviews of our customers to grow our business. We provide top quality glass, windows and hardware that is backed by a written warranty.


We are a full-service window repair and glass replacement company in Tempe, AZ
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Residential & Commercial Services

Window Glass Replacement

When a window glass breaks, the frame does not have to be removed. A professional glazier can efficiently replace the broken window pane with a new piece of glass without having to replace the whole window structure. A re-glaze is best performed with an expert who has experience in the field.

Single Pane Window Glass
For single pane window glass, the whole piece of glass has got to be replaced since only one piece of glass pane fits into a single paned window.

Double Pane Window Glass
Windows can be divided into sections, and in this case, each section has a separate glass pane or dual pane in the case of insulated glass units. A professional glazer will asses the damage and determine if there are sections whose glass is unaffected.

Tempered Glass
Tempered is a strong and safe kind of house that has superior glass features. Tempered glass is safer because when it breaks, there won’t be sharp shards that could hurt you or the glazier.

Annealed Glass
Annealed glass is a commonly used type of glass commonly used on windows for commercial and residential homes. It is not as strong as tempered glass and when it breaks there will be sharp shards. Ensure you carefully handle this type of glass to avoid being cut.

Window Repair

As opposed to window glass replacement, window repair could mean the repair or replacement of other hardware elements that ensure windows work properly. Aside from glass window breakage, there are other hardware elements of windows on a residential home or commercial building that can get damaged.

Glass Repair
The glass is one of the hardware elements of a window that could end up damaged. Ensure the window used to repair your damaged window matches used the one used on all other windows on your building.

Window Hardware Repair
Other than the glass, the window balance or the sash could get damaged. Ensure you contract a professional glazier who has experience with different kinds of windows.

Window Balance Replacement
When your window is unable to stay raised each time you open it, it could mean that the window balance is damaged. Ensure a professional examines your single hinge window to find out the root of the problem.

Sash Lock Replacement
The sash helps you lock the windows at night or when you are not around to keep burglars out. Ensure your glazier uses a high-quality sash to ensure your home is safe from unauthorized entry.

Sliding Glass Door Repair

If your home or commercial building has a glass sliding door, ensure that you repair it in case of damages immediately.

Sliding Door Roller Replacement
Worn out rollers result in difficulty when opening or closing glass sliding doors. Due to dirt build up and general wear, you might need to replace door rollers for optimum sliding door performance.

Window Replacement

A full window replacement involves the removal of the entire frame either for an upgrade or re-furnishing. Consider using SR Windows & Glass for retrofitting. Options you can consider for a window upgrade include;

• Energy efficient glass that allows you to save money on utility bills
• Bug screens that used magnetic screening for hands-free entry and exit
• PVC windows which are cost-effective
• Aluminum windows which are durable and long-lasting

Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repair

SR Windows & Glass of Tempe is a leading auto glass repair and windshield replacement provider in Tempe, AZ. In the auto glass services industry, SR Windows & Glass of Tempe has been proudly serving local drivers for more than 9 years. In that time we’ve earned a reputation for using the highest quality auto glass and the most experienced technicians. We strive to have the best customer service in the business and have a single one goal in mind: for every customer to drive away in a vehicle that is safer than when it arrived.

We are well known for its courteous, knowledgeable, and experienced team of technicians that perform a wide range of valuable glass services:

  • Windshield replacement
  • Windshield repair
  • Auto glass replacement
  • Auto glass repair
  • Mobile windshield replacement

While some auto glass companies in Tempe would recommend a windshield replacement, SR Glass technicians always try to repair a crack or chip prior to recommending the more expensive option. As all major insurance companies accept SR Windows & Glass of Tempe, customers with insurance coverage benefit from not having to pay out of pocket for their windshield replacement services. If the visibility of your vehicle is compromised due to glass damage, give SR Glass a call today for a free quote and to schedule free mobile windshield replacement anywhere in the Tempe area.



“This glass company is excellent! I moved out to AZ about a year ago for work and a friend suggested I call this company when I had a broken window. Thanks to a couple golf balls I had to use them twice within a year. Both times I used SR Windows & Glass they exceeded my expectations. They are Family Owned and I really like supporting local businesses. Both times they were efficient, friendly, and I didn’t have to put forth any effort. Great people make a great company.”

“I had an amazing experience having my window repaired. I moved into a new house and had several different problems with windows sticking and failed seals with fog inside the glass. Their customer service was fabulous on the phone and the technicians came on time when they were scheduled. The installers were courteous and professional and it didn’t take long for them to install the new glass and replace the window rollers. Solid work for a great price.”

“My house was broken into and one of my windows was broken. Thankfully SR Windows & Glass made it very easy to fix the window! The team was so helpful and friendly and they honored the price they gave me over the phone. The actual glass replacement process was very painless and the technicians were very skilled. Everyone I interacted with from the company was great from start to finish! Thank you so much and I’ll definitely recommend them to my friends and family.”

About SR Windows & Glass of Tempe

Window Repair Companyt in Tempe AZ

SR Windows & Glass of Tempe has deep roots in the Tempe, AZ area and are proud to call Tempe home. If you’ve never visited Tempe, AZ, Arizona before, it’s one of the best places to enjoy creative cocktails, pedal on the lake, climb a mountain and experience the best of Broadway while getting to know the real desert.

Many of the employees at SR Windows & Glass attended Arizona State University which is one of Arizona’s largest universities. We are big fans of local sports teams such as the Arizona Cardinals, Arizona Diamondbacks, Phoenix Coyotes and the many spring training baseball teams that visit the Valley of the Sun.

When it comes to everyday things that you can do, did you know that Tempe has a lake? It is called Tempe Town Lake and although it’s quite unusual to find a lake in the middle of the desert, it’s a great place to rent kayaks, pedal boats, pedal boards and enjoy the breeze coming off the water not to mention taking the sights of the local wildlife such as Herron on the lake.

You will find the KOLI Equestrian Center just outside of Tempe at the Gila River Indian community. So get ready to saddle up and take a ride through the desert. If you’re lucky, you’ll get to see some coyotes, wild horses, and jackrabbits.

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