Commercial Window Replacement & Installation

SR Windows & Glass offers commercial window repair, glass replacement and installation options. A full range of glass and frame options are available based on the needs of the commercial project. Both single pane and dual pane glass units comes in an array of different thicknesses, energy efficiency levels and security features.

Commercial windows are an integral part of the design, architecture and functionality of a store, office, recreational facility, church or hotel. Since they are typically much larger than most residential windows, they are made of thicker glass. Tempered glass is used tempered for extra hardness and composed of safety glass that breaks into small cubical chunks so as not to endanger anyone around it. In almost any situation, it is not common for them to get broken, but it does sometimes happen. With tempered glass, window replacement is always necessary because the entire panel usually shatters.

Window Styles & Frame Options

Commercial Glass Windows Replacement Phoenix
Commercial Glass Window Replacement

In the case of commercial buildings, there are several options of window styles and frames available. These windows can be made of a variety of materials such as vinyl, aluminum, wood or fiberglass. Double hung windows are usually a preferred choice for commercial buildings because of the ease of maintenance. Fixed pane windows are another choice, more suited to places with low temperatures, since they cannot be opened. However, they make for the perfect choice if aesthetics is the goal of the project. Most high-rise commercial buildings and contemporary office buildings have windows that don’t open. Bay windows are another popular option in commercial buildings. Casement windows because of the tight seal created by the frame is one more option, if you are looking for good energy efficient windows. Among the other popular choices include, transom windows, which allow lot of sunlight into a building. A window contractor like SR Windows & Glass would thoroughly analyze the specific requirements of the project before making a final recommendation.

Energy Efficient & Security Options

For commercial window glass replacement, energy efficient solutions are typically dual pane windows using a tempered glass for safety. Glass is not just about “transparency” anymore and has become a function part of the heating, cooling and security of a building. When a single pane or double pane sandwich of glass is replaced, it is important to specify the type of glass required to meet the purpose of the window. If you desire a window surface that reflects the Valley heat, the U-value becomes an important metric. During cooler times of the year in Phoenix, solar heat gain (SHG) is important to bring thermal energy into the building through the window.

To help slow down burglars and break-ins, there are many security features available such as laminated glass, wire mesh glass and even bullet proof glass. While more expensive, security glass can prevent catastrophic loss of merchandise or trauma to personnel.

Choosing A Commercial Window Company

With so many factors to consider, it is important to have a full-service commercial window repair, replacement and installation company to help consult on the many available options. A professional window company is going to show you the various pricing structures and match them up with their energy usage profiles over time. What might appear to be an expensive choice today could prove to be the most affordable in the long run.

SR Windows & Glass has been tackling these projects all over the Phoenix area for many years. They have the experience to help you choose the best option and the highly-skilled staff to get the job done quickly, properly and affordably. When it comes to office and commercial window repair, you simply can’t find a better company to handle the situation.

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