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As the top-rated source for window repairs and glass replacements in Scottsdale for both homes and businesses, SR Windows & Glass of Scottsdale offers a wide range of energy-efficient windows, sliding glass doors, window repair, and window replacement options. By dealing with a licensed glass contractor that is experienced in both residential or commercial applications, you’ll gain a piece of mind knowing the job will get done correctly and meet the original manufacturers’ specifications.

We offer free price quotes and onsite measures to carefully assess window damage and prescribe glass solutions at an affordable price. You can rest easy knowing all of our glass products and window repair services are backed by a written warranty and our personal guarantee that we aren’t satisfied unless you are satisfied.

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We are a full-service window repair and glass replacement company in Scottsdale, AZ
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Residential & Commercial Services

Window Glass Replacement

We specialize in window glass replacement for homes, offices, retail storefronts and other commercial buildings. After taking measurements on your window and specifying the glass type, we make your dual pane sealed glass unit in one of our factories in Scottsdale. Next we’ll return to install the replacement glass and restore the window to it’s original beauty. We can fix window seal failures, foggy windows and replace broken glass for all types of single pane and dual pane windows.

Irrespective of how careful you and those using the space in and around your house or business may be, you may still have broken glass to contend with from time to time. When this happens, the window glass replacement service will prove perfect for you. With this repair option, only the glass is removed and replaced with new glass. This is known as re-glazing and is done by a professional window glazier. This service is great for single pane window glass, pane window glass (insulated glass units), tempered glass, and annealed glass.

Window Repair

While the aforementioned service speaks to the repairing of the glass within the window itself, this window repair option includes the glass and hardware elements that allow the window to function properly. As such, glass repair, window hardware repair, window balance replacement (for single hung windows), sash lock replacement, and window roller replacement (for sliding windows) are included within this service option.

Sliding Glass Door Repair

If you have a sliding glass door at your home or place of work, then this is the best option for repairs of the same. SR Windows & Glass sliding glass door repair services include repairing both the glass and the door roller replacement. That is, this service option includes both single pane and dual pane door glass tempered glass replacement, as well as sliding door roller replacement.

Window Replacement

This SR Windows & Glass repair service is a full window replacement repair option. That is, the entire existing window frame is removed and a completely new window is installed in its place. Another name for this service option is known as retrofitting.

This option is particularly great when existing windows and doors need to be upgraded to newer models with better modern features. For example, all new windows – like PVC windows and aluminum windows – include energy efficient glass with Low-E coatings and bug screens.

Windshield Replacement & Auto Glass Repair

Scottsdale is known for its beautiful landscapes and desert valleys that stretch as far as the eye can see. While we may be set apart in many ways here in Phoenix, one thing is the same anywhere you are… you need a clear, safe windshield and car windows to get to anywhere you want to be.

Auto Glass Services

When you do not want to invest in a total replacement, windshield repair is an option in many cases. Whether you have a crack in your glass, a dent or a ding, SR Windows & Glass of Scottsdale can help. Having an issue with a window? The SR Windows & Glass of Scottsdale team does that too. Their auto glass repair team is happy to help you save money on a simple repair and spare the expense of a total replacement when at all possible.

Total Replacements

Sometimes nothing but a full auto glass replacement will do. Whether you need a windshield replacement or windshield chip repair, we’ll come to you. SR Windows & Glass of Scottsdale is happy to travel throughout the Scottsdale area. In fact, our mobile windshield replacement is the best in Scottsdale and preferred by insurance providers in Arizona. For clients with auto glass insurance, we offer a zero cash upfront option.



“Very stressful for almost a week trying to get my window fixed in time for our house closing. Talked to Kenneth over the phone and he was amazing! Great customer service. He gave me a good deal over the phone and even better one by the end of our conversation! They included a warranty too which was unexpected from a contractor. The crew came out next day and had my window repair done within 30 minutes. Satisfied customer and love the folks at SR Windows & Glass.”

“This company is so amazing. The people that answer the phones are always so friendly and helpful. The people that came to replace my window glass were great. Good glass replacement. Very nice looking and clear again. Then months later the window mysteriously broke, I think because my house settled. I noticed the window frame was sagging. SR Windows & Glass came to rescue and gave me a huge discount on the new replacement. Thank you for helping me out again!”

“I am very particular and customer service and very particular about my house. This company is the BEST experience I have ever had with a window replacement, excellent customer service from setting the appointment, to the day before call, the men who showed up to replace the window were fast and professional and replaced it with a window that was far better than the original. Thanks SR Windows & Glass, it is nice to see that great customer service is still alive!”

About SR Windows & Glass of Scottsdale

Window and Glass Supplier in Scottsdale AZ

SR Windows & Glass in Scottsdale, AZ, has been servicing Scottsdale, AZ for over 10 years and has established a reputation for quality glass services at affordable prices. Scottsdale is located in Maricopa County and is often referred to as ‘West’s Most Western Town’. This also happens to be Scottsdale’s official slogan. The city is 31 miles long and just over eleven miles wide, and shares its northern boundary with the Tonto NationalForest.

The area of Scottsdale, AZ, Arizona was once inhabited by the Hohokam tribe, who were famous for farming the land with an extensive and intricate irrigation system. In the 1880s, the US Army Chaplain Winfield Scott bought 640 acres of land and soon settlers from East and Midwest made their way here. The town gets its name from its founder.

The two most important industries, tourism, and hospitality offer employment to many residents in Scottsdale. Other important industries include real estate, rental and leasing, healthcare and social assistance. The city boasts of numerous world-class resorts and hotels than welcome over nine million tourists every year. And the tourism industry generates over $3.7 billion yearly. It is not surprising that the city is among the wealthiest in the state and offers a high quality of life to its residents. The median annual income of households in Scottsdale, AZ, Arizona is far higher than the median annual income in the country.

The Sonoran desert provides the city with a perfect background of captivating natural beauty. When you are in Scottsdale, some of the places to visit include the Sonoran Preserve, Frank Lloyd Wright’s winter home, the botanical garden, and the city’s many spectacular museums.

Getting started with SR Windows & Glass of Scottsdale is as simple as giving them a call at their offices for a free quote to start the conversation. Importantly, many of the services being offered are available as emergency options or very fast turnaround times. As such, everyone living and working in the Scottsdale and surrounding areas can a free price quote for any window, glass door or window glass replacement needs.

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